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Services are held every Sunday from 10:30 am - 11:30 am.

Conversation and coffee follow the service. Please join us!

Our services are diverse in their content and style. Services are led by ordained Unitarian Universalist ministers, respected speakers invited from the regional community, or members of the congregation who wish to express their viewpoint on a spiritual or social justice subject. In addition to the main speaker, you may hear a reading, sing a song, listen to a piano piece, hear expressions of joys and concerns, or join in an open discussion of the ideas presented. The topics of each talk are related to our seven principles.


Dear Members and Friends of UUCJ,

We know people have had a lot of questions about the ongoing spread of coronavirus and what the church plans to do.

With concerns about COVID-19, we are concerned about continuing to hold church services. For now, the board has decided to stop services to be held in our building until further notice.

If you are not on the mailing list and would like information about how to participate in the services, please contact the congregation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stay safe, everyone! Go in peace, return in love. 


July 5, 2020

2nd Principle - Justice, Equity and Compassion in Human Relations

Join us for our summer discussion series. We will be talking about the theology of Unitarian Universalism - the 7 Principles and 6 Sources that define us, and what they mean in our everyday lives. 

 June 28, 2020

1st Principle - The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person

Join us as we begin our summer discussion series. We will be talking about the theology of Unitarian Universalism - the 7 Principles and 6 Sources that define us, and what they mean in our everyday lives.

 June 21, 2020
Attitude of Gratitude - with David Winner
Thanking those who volunteer.

June 14, 2020

 Flower Communion - with Anne Kenefic

Please bring a picture of a flower or flowers to show at the service and share what that picture means to you. 

June 7, 2020
Growing Up UU - with Emily Garrick
Is it possible to raise a child to be a UU? Let's take a closer look at UU youth programs and experiences to figure out the differences between our youth and adults in terms of their needs and expectations from the church.

 May 31, 2020

Glückel of Hameln, a Remarkable  Woman Ahead of Her Time - with Reni Bob

 May 24, 2020

Mindfulness in Troubled Times - with Christine Wagner

Various wisdom traditions have acknowledged the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. This talk will look at how mindful practices can help us to function more effectively, even in these most difficult of times of the pandemic crisis.

Christine Wagner. Professor of Psychology, SUNY College at Fredonia, and Psychotherapist

 May 17, 2020

Postponed until June 14, 2020

May 10, 2020

Deborah Chielli

Deborah Chielli will continue her March sermon's theme on the spiritual imperative for why our health matters, with the case for the science, the ethics, and the how of food and lifestyle as our most powerful medicine.

Deborah Chielli, MSN, BS Medical Dietetics, RN, NP-C, DiplomateACLM
VA Jamestown, NY - Outpatient Clinic
Primary Care NP - Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine - Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition
Co-Chair American College of Lifestyle Medicine RN/APRN Member Interest Group

May 3, 2020   

How Big Is Our Tent - with Renee Ruchotzke

April 26, 2020   

Advent of Adventism - Barbara Winner

April 19, 2020   

Happy Easter...Part Two - A Unitarian Universalist Reflection - with Ron Skowronski

 April 12, 2020   

The Psychology of Pets: How Their Love Can Heal Us - with Linnea Carlson

April 5, 2020   

 Building Bridges - with Reverend Charlie Dietrich

March 8, 2020   

How to Live in Such an Unjust, Unequal World with a Thirst for Justice for All - with Ruby Wiles

Practical advice for making a difference in these uncertain times.

March 1, 2020     audio


Caring for Our Health: A Spiritual Imperative

Many of us are confused about how to care for our own personal health and that of our families. Many feel disconnected from what true health is. As a nation, we are experiencing a tsunami of chronic conditions, dependence on a cascade of medications, and severely reduced qualities of life in later years … all due to a burden of chronic diseases ... 85% of which are preventable and even reversible. The good news! … We can reclaim our health through the practice of the Six Pillars of evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine. Taking action on these simple, but powerful lifestyle choices is a spiritual imperative for healing ourselves, our communities, our planet.

Deborah Chielli, MSN, BS Medical Dietetics, RN, NP-C, DiplomateACLM
VA Jamestown, NY - Outpatient Clinic
Primary Care NP - Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine - Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition
Co-Chair American College of Lifestyle Medicine RN/APRN Member Interest Group

February 23, 2020

The Psychology of Voting - with Frank Corapi

February 16, 2020  

The Parker Award Ceremony and Speech

Our congregation will give our twenty-third Parker Award for Social Justice. The award will be given to the Jamestown Mobile Market for its volunteer work bringing fresh food to neighborhoods in Jamestown, which lack the availability of fresh food. A representative from the organization, Lilly Kates, will speak about “food deserts” and the need for this work in Jamestown. The award was established in 1985 as a memorial for T. Richard Parker, a leader in the Unitarian Church of Jamestown. The award carries a monetary gift from our endowment fund. Please attend to show your support for these volunteers.

February 9, 2020   

Viktor Frankl - The Integrity of Hope and Meaning - with Ron Skowronski

Many of us remember Viktor Frankl as the Holocaust Survivor who wrote the landmark book, “Man in Search of Meaning”. His guiding influence still serves the world today. This reflection of his work may help those of us who struggle with the issue of meaning in what appears to be fast becoming, a hopeless world. His final solution to a world that appears resistant to good reason and common sense may surprise you.

February 2, 2020   

Where Do Mermaids Stand? - with David Winner

A story from Robert Fuhlgram about not giving up dignity or identity, uncommon thoughts on common things.

January 26, 2020   

Beyond the Binary: LGBTQIA+ Expression and Identity - with Gregory P. Rabb

The 21st Century has seen an explosion of identities and manners of expression beyond the traditional male or female, gay or straight. Increasingly, many identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, questioning, inter-sex, asexual, pan-sexual, resulting in confusions for the populations who identify as such and their friends, family, and society at-large. My talk is designed to help us understand who we are and how we fit into the world around us and how society could and should respond to the plethora of “new” identities based on the understanding of gender fluidity and related concepts.

January 19, 2020   

A Search for Truth and Meaning - with Linda Hiers

The speaker will explore her journey with you as she discusses the UU 4th principle...………"A free and responsible search for truth and meaning."

January 12, 2020  

Why Do People Help or Harm Others?  The Psychology of Empathy and Aggressiveness - with Dr. Jeffrey Victor

This sermon is an exploration of complicated and emotionally difficult issues that influence our UU religious values. It is designed to prompt questioning of our past assumptions. The exploration uses up-to-date social science research to answer questions. Are some people beyond redemption; hurtful, dangerous, and unable to change. Are some people unable to empathize with others? One cannot understand empathy without understanding its opposite, aggressive psychopathy. The applications can help us understand political leaders, corporation executives, criminals and some strange people you may know.

January 5, 2020  

What can Electric Eels Tell Us About Religion? - with Bruce Anderson

"What is religion anyway? How did we get it and how did it evolve? What functions does it serve? Surprisingly the electric eel can provide some answers."

December 29, 2019  

Volunteer Recognition 2019 - with Emily Garrick

Join us as we celebrate all of the many, many volunteer (and working) hours that went into making our congregation function this year. As we honor the people who work to help our congregation, we will also spend some time reflecting on all of the various ways you contribute to congregational life.

December 22, 2019  

What Are We Waiting For? - with Anne Kenefic

A Reflection on the Advent Season.

December 15, 2019  

Happy ChristmaHanuKwanzaaKah - with Ron Skowronski

In this reflection, the speaker, who is a self-described "spiritual Humanist," shares how he celebrates all the winter holidays and WHY. It is a commentary on the power of ritual, culture, and the power of perception. Please be present, by bringing the gift of YOU.

December 8, 2019  

Re-Adventing Jesus - with Steve Aschmann

A number of concerned Evangelical Christians are attempting "to re-imagine Jesus" in order to combat the partisan politics and "prosperity gospel" of current dominant Christian thought. Liberal "social gospel" proponents and our own historic Transylvanian Unitarians, plus Jesus Seminar adherents, are attempting to recover the purposes of such a First Century itinerant rabbi as Jesus. Rev. Steve Aschmann is sharing his own re-evaluation of 50 years of seeking to follow Jesus.

December 1, 2019   

In Praise of Thinking Differently - with Len Faulk

Because UUCJ’s founder, Rev. Dr. James Townsend, announced nationally in 1885 that he no longer believed in Hell, he was accused of being a heretic. Heresy is any opinion or belief which is opposed to the common, traditional, orthodox idea; and to some that label might seem onerous. Yet Townsend was an insightful, intellectually honest and compassionate person whose words carried weight both in religious leadership circles as well as with our local citizens. We UUs come from a proud tradition of thinking differently! Today’s sermon will honor those Unitarian Universalist, Humanist and atheist thinkers and those from other faith traditions who thought differently and contributed mightily to a better world. Connecting with our own UUCJ history, I will be drawing thoughts from our Emeritus Minister’s (Rev. Chris Raible) radio talk on Heresy. Len Faulk, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, SUNY Fredonia

November 24, 2019   

Kindness - with Cynthia Gedz

How can we be kinder?

November 17, 2019   

Janet Forbes - UUCJ rep for the UUSC

This year's theme for the annual Guest At Your Table (GAYT) program, for support of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), is Women Leaders, Strong Communities.

 November 10, 2019   

So, What’s your Super-Power? - with Ron Skowronski

With all the "talk" about changing the world, it is easy to see that doing so is a very huge, difficult undertaking. A tongue in cheek answer would require those who wish to do so to have comic book style super-powers. Our speaker believes that we all possess a super-power or two. This reflection will hopefully make us not only more aware of our power, but also inspire us to use them constructively.

November 3, 2019  

Guerilla Feminist Book Club - with Emily Garrick

There is a certain power in the conversation that stems from the question "What are you reading?" Come hear about Emily's experiences with dispensing feminist propaganda among conservative Christians.

October 27, 2019  

The Cost of Survival: Living With Diabetes in America - with Linnea Carlson

In honor of National Diabetes Month I will be discussing the astronomical cost of insulin and the effects of America’s health care system on those living with diabetes. As well as real action we can take to enact change.

October 20, 2019  

Belonging - with Donald Dowling

October 13, 2019   

Bringing Restorative Justice to the Community - with Eddie Sundquist

October 6, 2019

Prisoner of War in Siberia - with Renate Bob

(unfortunately, the recording for this service didn't work)

Memoir of my father’s years as a prisoner of the Russians during World War I.

September 29, 2019  

The Will to Restore - with Ron Skowronski

A New Years reflection to Middle East peace.

 September 22, 2019   

What Did You Get Yourself Into Now? Unitarian Universalism Today - with Dr. Jeffrey Victor

This sermon is designed for new and recent members and fellow travelers. It may also be a useful refresher for long-time members. Jeff will offer you a bit of UU history, some descriptions of diverse streams of UU philosophy, and a few notes about the particular character of our local congregation. This is a good occasion to invite your friends to sample UU religion. 

September 15, 2019   

 A Life Uncommon - with Janine Chimera

This morning‘s message will be carried on the waves of music, the language of the heart. We live in uncertain and shifting times. All the more important to be aware of our energetic footprint, that we may live a life uncommon.

 September 8, 2019   

What Does It Mean To Welcome & To Be Welcomed? - with Anne Kenefic

A reflection on entering and staying.

This is also the water ingathering ceremony—don’t forget to bring water from summer travels.

There will be a "Welcoming Ceremony" on September 8th for baby Kipton Edward Burkett, into our Congregation. 

Summer 2019

Sunday services on break for summer.

Chautauqua Institution opens its summer programming June 22, 2019. The UU Fellowship of Chautauqua is pleased to present a group of outstanding speakers on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am in the Hall of Philosophy. Here is a link to the schedule.

June 16, 2019

Opening the Circle - with Emily Garrick

Join us for our last service of the church year, where we celebrate all our congregation has accomplished together and ask - What does it mean to be a UU, both inside and outside of our walls?

June 9, 2019  

The Pursuit of Happiness? - with Frank Corapi

Happiness is to most the goal of life. But happiness remains an elusive emotion as is illustrated by epidemic rates of depression and anxiety in the western world. Many don't understand what happiness really is and it has not been studied scientifically until fairly recently. At our core, humans are created with emotions to enhance survival, but most modern people don't worry about that on a day to day basis. For modern humans, positive and negative emotions have become connected to aspects of life far removed from survival and which may offer clues as to why emotions such as happiness remain so elusive.

June 2, 2019

The Power of the Word - with Ron Skowronski

Are words just a bunch of sounds that we have given meaning to or are they so much more? In this reflection on the importance of "right" communication, our speaker will reflect on not just the meaning we have ascribed to words, but why it is so vital to say what you mean and mean what you say in order to understand each other better. 

May 26, 2019  

When you say "love," what do you mean? - with Dr. Jeffrey Victor

Dr. Jeffrey Victor, who taught a course in the psychology of intimate relationships at JCC for many decades, will help you understand what you mean when you talk about “love."  What is all this “love” talk about? Love between spouses, love between friends, love for neighbors, and love for your country. And, what about love of God and love of chocolate cake? Does the word “love’ refer to a feeling, a way of thinking or a way of behaving? Does it mean anything you want it to mean?

May 19, 2019  

Of Every Person - with Tom Meara

We will explore some our Principles and how they can be used to guide our response to the events and challenges of our everyday lives.

May 12, 2019  

The Wisdom of Women - with Anne Kenefic

Happy Mother's Day! Today is also flower communion! Please bring flowers for the flower communion ceremony. If you want to bring extra for our newcomers, please feel free to do so.

May 5, 2019  

Love Beyond Belief - with Rev. Michelle Buhite

Rev. Michelle Buhite, minister of the UU Church of Amherst and former member of UUCJ will share how Unitarian Universalism is a path of love beyond belief.

April 28, 2019  

We Shall Overcome - with Rev. John Rex

The powerful words of the song inspire us, but we need better communication to attain that end. We Americans live in a culture of white supremacy, and sometimes we lack even a common vocabulary to talk about it or to tell our stories. Let’s work on that together.

 April 21, 2019  

Fragility and Resiliency - with Rev. Alison Wohler

This year we will celebrate Earth Day and Easter in the same Sunday service.  My service will be an exploration of how well these two approaches to our lives on Earth fit together.  We, and all living things, are at once both fragile and strong.  It will be so nice to see you again!

April 14, 2019  

Bet the Farm - with Linnea Carlson

We will be discussing the importance of local food and answering the question 'why can't delicious, inexpensive healthy food be available for everyone on Earth?'

April 7, 2019  

Messages Through Music - with Janine Chimera

This Sunday morning will be a musical expression of messages for our times. How do we choose to live during times of challenge? Live music will be used as a means to inspire the longest journey we have, from our heads to our hearts. I will also share a couple of songs written in my own process of that journey.

March 31, 2019  

Holi: The Hindu Celebration of Spring - with Emily Garrick

Holi is a Hindu holiday celebrating the banishment of evil and the coming of Spring. In this sermon, I will talk about the origins of the holiday, as well as my experiences celebrating it in India. Come to learn about the holiday, as well as to hear what lessons we can take from it as UUs.

March 24, 2019  

Science, Religion and Project Blitz - with Renate Bob

Why are some religious conservatives so anti-science, and how does Project Blitz fit into their agenda?

March 17, 2019  

My Life As A Woman Religious - with Anne Kenefic

My story of spending 13 years as a Woman Religious and how it influenced my life.

March 10, 2019   

Friending Life (on Earth) - with Kristin Chambers

Kristin Chambers' January reflection was called "Friending Death." In contrast, for her March reflection, she'll discuss how the values and proposals contained in the Green New Deal align with at least three of our principles and also challenge us to do a better job friending the life of our fragile planet.

March 3, 2019  

From Grass Roots to Fungal Networks - with Rev. Renee Ruchotzke

Using what she learned on her sabbatical about Permaculture, our UUA Primary Contact will share her insights about how lessons from nature can inform how we can live out our vision of Beloved Community.

February 24, 2019  

The Coddling of the American Mind - with Frank Corapi

(based on a book of the same title by famous social psychologist Jonathan Haidt and free speech activist and author Greg Lukainoff)

Good intentions and bad ideas are setting up young adults for a generation of failure. These good intentions run the gamut from a desire to protect our children to the goal of creating strong virtues in them. In the process, we are not teaching them how to face, and embrace, life’s challenges. To use a metaphor, we are creating candles rather than flames. The wind blows out a candle, but makes a flame stronger.

This will also be a New Member Sunday. Any guests interested in signing the membership book can do so during the service on that day. There will also be a potluck lunch following the service on that day.

February 17, 2019

Service is Cancelled Due to Ice

February 10, 2019  

Corporations may not be "People" but they are "Persons" - with Greg Rabb

Mitt Romney was noted for saying that corporations are people. He was wrong. But they definitely are “persons” and have been since the 19th century, long before women were considered persons in American law. The talk will explore how this happened and what effect it has in today’s world. 

February 3, 2019  

The History and Uniqueness of the UU Beliefs - with David Winner

We invite all to learn the history of the Unitarian Universalists.

January 27, 2019  

Speaker - Ron Skowronski

 Topic to be announced.

January 20, 2019

 Service is Cancelled Due to Weather

January 13, 2019  

Friending Death - with Kristin Chambers

This talk will offer a reflection that explores our feelings about being mortal and the opportunity we New Yorkers now have, through Physician Aid in Dying legislation, to make our actual process of dying less frightening and more humane.

January 6, 2019   

Well-Intended Mistakes about Jews - with Jeffrey Victor

The purpose of this sermon is to help us to better understand our Jewish friends and relatives. The sermon corrects some well-intentioned, although mistaken beliefs, about Jews and the Jewish religion. The perspective is that of a sociologist, who can help to clarify the complexities of an unfamiliar culture and religion. Dr. Jeffrey Victor, Professor of Sociology, JCC retired.

December 30, 2018  

Volunteer Celebration

All year, a number of dedicated volunteers work to make this congregation what it is. During this service we will take the time to honor the work of our building and grounds volunteers, religious educators, worship leaders, pastoral care volunteers, and many others.

Following the service, we will share a catered meal together.

December 23, 2018

The Enzyme of Faith - with Rev. Steven Aschmann

December 16, 2018  

Christmas Traditions - with Barbara Winner

I will explore some of the more popular traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas, such as the origin of the Christmas tree, exchanging gifts, and the children's favorite, Santa Claus.

December 9, 2018  

Justice Across Borders - with Janet Forbes

For thousands of Central Americans making the dangerous journey north to escape gang violence, gender-based assault, and increased militarization, the road away from danger is paved with injustices. Recognizing the difficulty and duration of this journey - and believing that human rights should be recognized before, during, and afterward - this year's Unitarian Universalist Service Committee's Guest at Your Table theme is Justice Across Borders. This service will launch UUCJ's Guest at Your Table campaign.

Please click on the link, below, to watch a video clip from the UUCS for background information about this year's GAYT effort regarding the issue of justice across borders.

December 2, 2018  

Caring for Creation: Seeking Nature's Truths through Science, Philosophy, and Faith - with Becky Nystrom

The exquisitely-wondrous tapestry of Life weaves its ancient story of beauty, mystery, and miracle in the fabric of time and space, and here we are, in the midst of it all. How shall we know this story? Faith, science environmental ethics, and indigenous wisdom provide parallel paths of discovery, as we seek to comprehend the immense complexity of nature's physical realm and experience and steward its sacred revelation of divine creativity. May we more intentionally seek to encounter and experience the wonders of Creation, learn its lessons, receive its blessings, and better care for this precious blue planet and all who dwell upon it, with a heart of gratitude.

November 25, 2018  

What Do You Believe?

November 18, 2018  

Communicating Across the Divide - with Simone Sellstrom

Join us for a conversation about bridging the ideological divide in your relationships. Simone Sellstrom, Assistant Professor of Communication at JCC, will address harmful behaviors we engage in when confronted by opposing viewpoints and helpful strategies we can use to enhance our civil discourse.

November 11, 2018  

Torture is a Moral Issue - with Renate Bob

An informative talk on Guantanamo and the National Religious Campaign Against Torture and a review of the restored edition of "Guantanamo Diary" by Mohamedou Ould Sahli.

November 4, 2018  

Recorded Service - with Reverend Alison A. Wohler

This is a previously recorded service from July 2014 held at Chautauqua Institution. The theme of the service is the 7th Principle: Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of which we are a part. It focuses on our environment and preservation of worldly living for all.

October 28, 2018  

The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer - with Dr. Jeffrey Victor

What social forces have increased economic inequality in our country since the 1960s? Why do young people have fewer opportunities today than their parents did in the 1960s? How does economic inequality affect our politics? This issue touches our UU values concerning the equal treatment of all people and our value of democracy. Dr. Jeffrey Victor will try to offer a clear explanation for this complex concern. There will be time for discussion after the sermon. Dr. Victor is a retired professor of sociology from JCC, where he taught for 52 years.

 October 21, 2018   

How Current Politics Threaten Our Environment - with Twan Leenders

Twan Leenders, President of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, will discuss some of the challenges our natural diversity faces these days, and long-term consequences that may result from the removal, or degradation of long-standing environmental protections. In the current political climate, legal protection of rare species is increasingly difficult to secure. In addition, the critical habitats and the natural resources that these last survivors depend on are now also threatened by political actions.

 October 14, 2018   

Do Yourself a Favor - Eat Healthy Food - with Barbara Winner

Many of us today are obese, chronically ill, and slowly dying because of the food we eat. Health care costs continue to climb. Could the culprit possibly be our poor diet? To find out what is healthy, I will explore what the healthiest and longest-lived people in the world eat.

 October 7, 2018   

ALICE Families - with Amy Rohler

Nationwide, there are a growing number of individuals and families who are working, but unable to afford the basic necessities of housing, food, child care, health care, and transportation. Amy Rohler, Executive Director of the United Way of Southern Chautauqua County, will discuss a series of new, standardized measurements, through which United Way is quantifying the size of the workforce in each state that is struggling financially, explore some of the reasons why, and explain how this data is directing United Way's efforts in Chautauqua County. 

September 30, 2018  

The Very Real Horror of Involuntary Servitude to Lynching to Mass Incarceration: the New Slavery? - with Greg Rabb

Inspired by recent visits to the newly opened Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama, the service will "draw connections across generations of Americans impacted by the tragic history" and present reality of continued racial inequality. To quote novelist Chester Himes: "The real horror comes when your brain must face the fact that we as a nation don't want it to stop. If we wanted to, we would."

September 23, 2018  

Let's Take a Walk Around Golden Pond - with Ron Skowronski

In this reflection on Henry David Thoreau, Ron Skowronski will reflect on his own struggles to find the God of his own understanding. Thoreau struggled to reconcile himself to such an idea in a world of conflict and pain. He will challenge us to reflect on why this is even more important now than ever before. Once done, one might find the results pretty amazing.

September 16, 2018   

Let's Think Together About Freedom in Religion - with David Winner

This will be an update on a radio broadcast sermon given by Rev. Christopher Raible on April 13, 1958.

September 9, 2018   

Water Ingathering Service - with Anne Kenefic

 First service of the fall. Please bring water from your summer travels.

June 17, 2018  

A History of the Welcoming Congregation - with Anne Kenefic and Emily Garrick

This is the last service for the summer. Chautauqua opens.

June 10, 2018  

The Protestant Reformation - A Personal Reflection - with Ruby Wiles

The protestant reformation—What it means to me.

June 3, 2018  

Who Am I Supposed To Be? and Flower Communion - with Anne Kenefic

An exploration of who we are. (Don’t forget to bring flowers) 

May 27, 2018  

The Origins of Moral Conscience - with Dr. Jeffrey Victor

Dr. Jeffrey Victor is a former Professor of Sociology at Jamestown Community College, where he taught for 52 years. Jeff Victor has delivered more than 30 sermons to the UU Congregation of Jamestown. This one is his favorite. He uses psychological and sociological research findings to try to answer a fundamental question: Why do some people and not others have a deeper moral conscience, when it comes to a crisis of having to choose between good and evil? The answer may be surprising. It is not any particular religion, not even Unitarian Universalism. It is something deeper than any religion and may even be found in people who have no religion?

May 20, 2018  

The Gender of God - with Emily Garrick

Is God a man, a woman, or something else entirely? We will explore the gender of the divine through the lens of Western religions. 

May 13, 2018  

A Cloud of Ancestors - with Rev. John Rex

Today’s technology gives us the means to trace our DNA and to develop a family tree online that may bring us closer to knowing about many of our ancestors and to appreciating our place in the interconnected web of all existence.

May 6, 2018  

If You Are Not in the Obit — Have Breakfast - with David Winner

It has often been said that we are an old congregation. Does that mean we are too old to do anything? Let’s take a look at examples of those who are in their nineties for encouragement on aging.

April 29, 2018  

A Modern Day Quaker Meeting - with Grace Perezdelagarza

Topics to be explored: How/when did Quakers start? What is the origin of the name, Quaker? Evolution of Quaker thought. Different Quaker groups, today. Typical Fredonia meeting for worship.

Grace grew up on a Chautauqua County farm and has lived in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, and on a Native American Reservation.  She is bilingual in Spanish.  Grace has worked for American Airlines, Chautauqua Opportunities, Dunkirk Adult Learning Center, tutored for Dunkirk AFL-CIO, and now works for social services.  She has been active in three dozen volunteer groups over the past 42 years. After attending various Quaker meetings from 1964-1974, she joined Fredonia Meeting in 1974.

April 22, 2018  

Teachings from a Buddhist Monastery - with Rev. Theresa Kime and Barbara Winner

Spiritual retreats can surprise us and give us unexpected insights. I will share some of mine from a 10 day retreat I once took, led by Pema Chodron and held at Gampo Abbey, Nova Scotia.

April 15, 2018  

Art and Our Environment - with Peter Tucker

How can we help to support diminishing species in our local environment? Professor Peter Tucker will introduce an interdisciplinary project that targets five species native to our region. How is this art? The talk will answer that question, too, and printed material will provide information for any of us who'd like to become creatively active in the project. Peter Tucker
is an Associate Professor of Visual Arts & New Media at SUNY Fredonia.

April 8, 2018  

LET’S “TALK STORY” ABOUT HAWAII - with Steve Aschmann

The Islands of Hawaii have a tremendously spiritual culture! The motto of Hawaii comes from King Kamehameha III: "The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness." Retired UU minister, Steve Aschmann, will share his cumulative insights from delving into conversations and exposure with friendly Hawaiians from these enigmatic islands. He will share a special focus on the Island of Molokai: "Do not try to change Molokai, let Molokai change you!"

April 1, 2018  

Roll the Stone Away - with Tesni Taylor

Sometimes we need to visit the tomb to remind us of our humanity, but we can get trapped inside. How do we leave again, whole and healthy, rising again to a new day?

March 25, 2018  

A Heretic Reflects - with Rev. Ron Skowronski

In this reflection, Rev. Ron Skowronski will invite us to further consider the impact of religious thought upon civil and cultural progress. He will endeavor to tie together ancient and “modern” points of view. He will also focus on Unitarian and Universalist progress in order to answer his own question, Can one be a “Religious Humanist”… ?

In a spiritual and intellectual journey that has spanned over 40 years, Ron Skowronski has been a candidate for the priesthood for the Church of Rome. He was an ordained Spiritualist Minister for 15 years. He is currently ordained through United Centers for Spiritual Living ( Science of Mind ) and is now and has been associated with the Unitarian Universalist Congregation located in Fredonia, New York for the past 6 years.

March 18, 2018  

Creativity and Transformation - with Rev. Renee Ruchotzke

Congregational life can provide opportunities for growth and deepening as individuals and as communities. How might our congregation work faithfully to co-create such a community?

Rev. Renee Ruchotzke serves NE Ohio congregations as a part of our larger Unitarian Universalist Association. She is our primary contact with the UUA and the region. She serves as dean of the online UU Leadership Institute and blogs at Growing Vital Leaders on the UUA Website. She lives in Kent, OH with her spouse and two cats.

Unfortunately, our recording of the March 18, 2018, service failed. The link, above, is to a podcast that Rev. Ruchotzke says is essentially the same talk that she gave to us.

March 11, 2018

Palestine: “Nakba”- “al Nakbah:” “Tell what you saw” - with Greg Rabb

Nakba or “catastrophe” refers to the 1948 Palestinian exodus when 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes following the establishment of Israel in 1948. Greg Rabb will “tell what he saw” as a result of his study tour through the sponsorship of the Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) in May 2017.

March 4, 2018  

What's Love Got to do With It? - with Audrey Dowling

An introductory look at Loving Kindness- the science behind it, the religious implications from many religious sources, the benefits, social justice implications and a short simple practice.

February 25, 2018

Food - The Most Basic Social Justice -with David Winner

Having nutritious food is the most ignored social justice. Why is this?

February 18, 2018

Roots & Fruits - with Tesni Taylor

Reaching back to our Roots and our founder, Rev. Townsend, can we build a congregation that is vibrant and Fruitful for the next 133 years?

February 11, 2018

The Gift of Doubt - with Anne Kenefec

Doubt has gotten a bad reputation. This is an exploration of how doubt is good for us and can help us grow. 

February 4, 2018

The Most Important Number On Earth - with Donald Dowling

 ... by Fred Small, it is a talk related to our seventh principle, " The Interdependent Web of Life." As we approach the time of the re-birth of life, we should examine our role in that process.

January 28, 2018

Afraid to Fly, Doomed to Die - with Tony Taylor

January 21, 2018

Reflections of an Octogenarian: Social Justice, the Murals of Maxo Vanka - with Reni Bob

January 14, 2018   

The Persistence of Racism & Spiritual Reparations-Heron Simmons

Racial Justice has to involve addressing the wounds of our violent and oppressive past. We engage in spiritual reparations whenever we seek to respect the other, especially the other with whom we have a history. Consider the recent vandalizing of the Black Lives Matter sign at the Amherst/Williamsville UU Church. Being allies with oppressed peoples is not an empty gesture. It is an opening of the heart to their position in the world and an opportunity to draw nearer to another. The principle underlying this is that it is inherently valuable to be connected with as much of the human family as possible. 

Presenter: Heron Simmons-Price, Professor of Political Science, Canisius College; Member of the UU Church of Buffalo

January 7, 2018   

Life in a Cult - with Barbara Winner

What is life like in a high-control cult? My husband and I were in such a group for most of our adult lives. I will outline some of the identifying marks as well as what that means for those on the inside.